Dental Fillings

Dental fillings to restore natural tooth instead of replacement:

Dental fillings are one of the most common restoration procedures, and dentist Shohreh Sabeti offers several options to suit your specific needs. While fillings are most frequently used to fill tooth areas that are damaged or decayed, they also work for repairing teeth that are worn, broken or chipped. A major advantage is their ability to keep most of your natural tooth intact while restoring the damaged area that needs replacement or repair.

Fillings in a Single Visit

A single office visit is usually enough to restore a tooth with a filling. Dr. Sabeti begins the procedure by numbing the area with a local anesthetic. Once the anesthesia takes effect, the next step is removing the decayed area of the tooth, typically with a drilling or air abrasion instrument. After checking to ensure all the decayed or damaged area has been removed, Dr. Sabeti carefully cleans the space to remove any bacteria and debris. The final steps include putting the filling into place, letting it harden, and then fine-tuning its fit to ensure comfort and proper functioning.

Dental Filling Types: Amalgams and Composite

The most common fillings are silver in color and made of dental amalgams. These fillings are incredibly durable, strong and less costly than other types of fillings. One drawback is their appearance, as they make it obvious you have a filling in your tooth. They are best reserved for your back teeth that are not readily visible every time you smile.

Composite fillings, or tooth-colored fillings, are frequently used for cavities in the front teeth or other obvious areas. While they are not as strong as silver fillings, they do blend in with your natural teeth for a seamless and more attractive appearance. They also bond directly to the tooth’s enamel, enhancing the strength of your tooth’s structure.

Composite fillings usually require less of the natural tooth to be removed and are typically the chose for repairing damage from breaks, chips and wear and tear. Composite fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings, and they also require a longer dental visit due to the extra steps required.

Dr. Sabeti can help you choose the type of filling to use in your specific situation, outlining your options for the most effective solution to restore and protect your teeth. For more information on our dental fillings or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office today.

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